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And You Will Be Guided

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"I received the most beautiful crystal healing & guidance. I have felt very lost, anxious and powerless. I knew something was blocking me. Helena is the most beautiful soul and after her healing, I felt like a big weight came off my shoulders, I felt free and full of energy. The guidance I received was extremely accurate with a lot of self awareness, it all resonated with me so well and made so much sense. Helena also gave me a great healing exercise to do, which opened up emotions and feelings in my relationships and made me so aware of how I felt. Afterwards I felt so clear and strong. The crystals used in my healing are absolutely beautiful. I benefitted so much during my healing and I can't recommend Helena enough. I'm so very grateful for my healing and guidance. I felt so very supported and well looked after. Helena has such a lovely and very gentle energy. Thank you so much Helena, you are a true blessing to everyone"

Steffi, New Zealand

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