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  • By Hee-Jung

Thoughts connected to our true self can be supportive and helpful but if we are too much in our heads rather than in our heart it can definitely be a challenge when one thought faster than you can even think another thought has taken over and it keeps going and maybe at last you may even have forgotten where it all started and can’t see how to get out of this condition, you’ve created in your inner self.

We are not always conscious of how much beliefs actually are a part of whom we are, nor do we not always know either where they even came from to begin with. Think about it, how often have you not heard or even said to yourself – that it is not possible – before you even tried and if you made a try anyway, it failed. Deep down you already had decided it would not succeed, you went into trying after you said to yourself it wasn’t possible – so how should it succeed if you did not even believe your own try. Unconsciously we may sometimes end up being a bit stuck in our own old belief system – we may want it to happen but truly we do not believe we can make it happen – and when that is – this will be our own reality.

This is not said in a way that you now should sit down and say one positive affirmation and then volià everything will be solved, and you will now think positively from now on. The way I sense it everything is connected and is a part of our human process and learning. But also indeed we are capable to take the lead and responsibility for how we truly feel. We cannot decide what others should say or do, but we can say yes and no to what involves us and from there navigate.

Our experiences, surroundings, relationships, people around us and those we “randomly” meet on our journey – they can indeed show us where we are right now. People around us, no matter if we know them well or not – basically reflect what you need to see in yourself – it can either uplift you or hold you back. Often may feel other words and actions is the reason for how we feel – and possibly they have triggered you at a very vulnerable place that calls for your attention.

The Universe does not hand you anything you are not ready for. Even when that is not always how it feels standing in the middle of it. Our individual choices will always be our own responsibility to stand by.

But it doesn’t mean you have to completely alone processing everything. It can absolutely be very giving to receive support to navigate your thoughts and emotions if it gets too much. It can help you create a bigger picture and may exactly be what you need to help you back on track. And you receive the needed support to take back your energy to make decisions from heart instead of only your head filled with only stressful thoughts. This life journey we are taking – can at times feel ruthless, but it also develops us in a way that we most likely wouldn’t have otherwise. We tend to seek fully understanding of things, answers, solutions and something tangible and concrete – somekind of evidence to the aspects we may not be able to scientifically get an answer to right away. We want to think – which makes complete sense and can absolutely be a good thing to do, but then we start overthinking before taking the next step. What felt right – suddenly is added up with insecurities, fear, anxiety and the feeling of not being ready afterall to take the next step. It is natural for us humans to want to feel ready – but what is you will never feel completely ready.

And this is where we get a loving reminder – we will be shown the pieces to the puzzle along the way – it will with time create a bigger picture and takes part of creating the path you deep down want to take, self-insight, understanding and development – the pieces will be shown to you alongside you are taking the steps.

It is not all decisions you are able to see the result of right away and maybe the insecurity and fear of it all fails show. Opposite, what if your steps are the actual foundation to what you really want to evolve and that is will magically do so. It might now succeed at first try, but your souls knows when to continue and that this is what you are passionate about. Your souls know when to keep going – that doesn’t mean that your roadmap won’t change its route unexpectedly along in the process and evolve a lot different than first expected – but that is also what creates magic on the journey. To send your intention out into the universe, put your passionate energy into it and let go of what to expect.

As humans we can unwillingly let us be limited from old beliefs and the belief in that we are limited. Then it is the finances, the abilities, the job posting that requires something we don’t possesses right now - so we won’t apply at all, and along comes all kind of evasive manoeuvre to only support what we feel limited in doing. Instead of start focusing on what we can do right here and now – maybe make a plan to how we can open possibilities to come a step closer to what we are passionate about.

It is not necessarily on purpose we do this – we can sometimes just get a bit caught up in all we don’t have, don’t want to and see as limitations. Become aware of this mechanism and try to switch focus more and more on what you can do and use the potentials you already hold (yes, you have so many loving qualities) to what next step to take.

Sometimes, when we then do decide to follow something, we are passionate about – we also have to be patient with the process and ourselves. To send out the intention and goal – act – let go and be patient for it to unfold. To give it time and let it grow. You nurture it by giving it your energy and time – but forcing the process is no good. You can be decisive and act – but can’t force it. Of course, it is a balance to sense when timing is right for the different processes – but deep down we know when it is because we are impatient or get insecure because we can’t see anything happen right away.

What is your dream evolve wilder and even better than you ever could have hoped for or dreamt of. What if your decision made from your gut feeling and intuition instead of all logic mind was a part of creating exactly what you wanted and more. Nobody is saying there will be no challenges in getting there, but it can still feel exactly right in your heart – to fight for what you believe in and walk the talk. It can be so satisfying, redemptive and liberating to have put your time, energy and passionate heart into something you really want to happen – and when it happens – what a journey – and it can only expand even more.


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