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  • By Hee-Jung

The time is for change and well being. It is time to really look within and to truly feel what you as a soul and human dream of deep down.

There are open wounds that have been woken and wounds from the past that needs to heal. It is time to look back but also forward for being able to be in the now. It is time to let the changes and your personal growth, let it speak and be closer to. yourself to be able to shine in this human earthly matter. It is now you are capable of making a difference with your being, be the inspiration the world and your soul is here for and it is time to be authentic.

Lately, you have evolved massively; both with covid, world crisis, financial crisis, personal crisis and what else is happening in your life right now. You have been triggered almost as much as possible and been confronted with some very old themes, that still repeats themselves in your present. In order for them to become even more visible to show you where you may still have some evolving to do and some inner work. It is shown to you to also make you aware of how far you have actually come since you began your life journey here on earth. Which old themes you have dug into, felt and at times been unbearable - but you are still here - you are still standing and worked your way up until the now. You have come so much further in life, also more than you may feel at times. And bring your focus to all aspects, all that you have accomplished, all the thing you actually have gone, taken action upon, been and all whom you are - embrace yourself where you need it the most right now. Other people and realtions also show you the way of where you are right now. They push exactly those buttons that needs to also when it feels frustration and provocative. They are not here to consciously provoke but more in a bigger perspective to interact with your soul in a level so you can evolve even more. And furthermore you also triggers other souls and push their buttons too. You show them the way too and we are all in some level an interaction of something bigger and at the same time individually evolving. Your potentials is showing themselves, those that already very clearly have been a part of you your whole life, but now it may be time to take those potentials to the next level and think in other ways and seeing them in a new light and perspective. Take what you have learned until now and see them in a loving perspective and way to share them with the world. It can also be that you still want to keep some to yourself for your own personal therapy, wellbeing and flow - it is just as important so you are able to be the most authentic version you in the outer world. You can only act from your energy and being. You can only take action on your own behalf and make decisions within your field. You can only be you with whom you are and what you are to bring into this world - and you can only act from what you know right now. You cannot regret the past other than forgive and make room to act differently in the now. You did your best in your past and you are doing your best in the now to secure your future. You can only be in the here and now - in this particular moment. As humans decisions are being made all the time during the day, thoughts are continuous and a lot of personal energy is being used constantly to make choices. Make use of what you already know and are capable of now, benefit from whom you are and know you are doing your best every moment. In truth you know deep down when to make changes in your life if your current is not working for you, pay attention and act from your heart.

There will always be earthly matters we may have to take into consideration along the way but it does not have to be all or nothing. Do what you can and take baby steps if necessary in doing what is right for you. Every little act matters. You know in your heart what is the right thing to do, truly listen and use and trust your gut and inner voice and let it guide you. You guide yourself and is being guided continuously - and sometimes this guidance can be a result of your thoughts, what began as your inner voice guiding you - is suddenly a swarm of thoughts, worries, procrastination and as humans we very often want to know the exact outcome before acting. It can be extremely overwhelming to make choices and feel not knowing where it will take you in life. It can for some be almost paralysing to even take action at all because it can be so incredibly intimidating and frighting. If you knew exactly what would happen for each moment in your life, every decision, any thought of yours - you also would live hereafter. There would be no room to unfold beyond these barriers and there would not be any space for spontaneous and to experience the joy in the present. There would not be any possibility to experience an even better outcome than what our human mind is capable of imagining. How often have you not heard or even used the meaning of where something or an experience went beyond imagination - where you either was in the experience or witnessed something have an extraordinary outcome that we in a humanly level in no possible way would even dare to think or hope for. There will of course always be exceptions, more nuances and depths in life but in a bigger perspective you are lovingly reminded that there is always several ways and options to live life. And you are the leader in yours.

It can take time to change what is imprinted deeply within you, but when you explore yourself, use the world, your relations to reflect in, let yourself stop and really get a sense of yourself, feel yourself - those are some depths and layers that only can be experienced by the individual soul. Everyone is on their own journey and cross roads with other souls and help one another to grow. Listen to your own inner voice and know you always have the opportunity to change the way you act and think. Be patient with yourself and self-caring. And reach out for help if necessary so you can grow and feel a little extra supported along the way.


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