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  • By Hee-Jung

In our close relationships, in our family members, in our experiences and co relations, there are much insight for self-reflection to receive, if we let it show. If we embrace and turn to look deep within what we hold, a Universe of insight and support can show and be a help to embrace life and show us where we are in life right now.

To get to know ourselves better and to heal upon old patterns and issues that keeps showing its face and is a part of creating challenges in ones life. Often what can be felt as an outer trigger is often something that needs to be awaken within because we will benefit from digging deeper down through the layers and create consciousness and self-knowledge. And from there we can create change and evolve. To look within can be an incredible gift to yourself, because this is where you can really make a difference to and for yourself. In truth you cannot control others reactions, actions and being – it is theirs – and the more your energy is out versus keeping your energy home, the more you will most likely feel you are getting further and further away from yourself – maybe without always realising it. And you can also feel more and more powerless and less in charge because you might unconsciously try to control everything that is around you more than acting on what is realistic and ‘controllable’. And in the trying to control what in truth is completely impossible will be an eternal struggle and be extremely draining and the more you try to hold on the more resistance you will most likely experience. When we are encouraged to look within – it is not to place any guilt, shame or self-blame or in any way with an intention of finding all what we feel we aren’t good enough for. It is an opening to a self-conscious state to why we react as we do and where it has roots – a help to ourselves so we can become aware and start changing the patterns that is no longer beneficial to us. So we can start setting ourself from what actually blocks us and hold us back from living the life we might really dream of.

Lovingly we are encouraged to take back our emotional feelers and ask ourselves what it in the given situation was that made us feel as we did. What was it that caused that we didn’t stand up for ourselves when we were in the middle of the storm. It will always be completely individual the why you reacted as you did and the situation or the people you were facing, did the same. Often our ways to react are far more about ourselves than it is about them or what we are experiencing.

Maybe your feeling of being completely powerless is in reality about something deeper and rooted earlier in your life and is a theme that keeps repeating itself. Maybe as a child you’ve experienced a situation where you might have felt rejected, anxious, frightened that goes deeper to not feeling good enough, not feeling projected and not felt safe – and naturally you needed a way to deal with those strong emotions, but never learned how. And from being so emotionally painful you of course try to protect yourself from feeling this way ever again – which makes complete sense – back then. But since you were younger, you have evolved and become more experienced in life, new knowledge and wisdom. Maybe you should ask yourself if you need to keep carry the same trading patterns from the past – they have gotten you to where you are now. But maybe it is time to reconsider, to embrace more an more uplifting approach and embrace life in another perspective than before.

The examples above do not have to reflect your reality – it can be any emotion, any situation and experience. We are all individual beings with each our truth and stories to tell. No matter what background, story and life journey you have, you have a unique path to step on. And you are something special. You are here to contribute with something only you are capable of and to evolve as human and soul.

We are all here on each our life journeys. And everything we experience and have experienced so far – life lessons, challenges, themes, patterns – have all taken part to make up whom we are – but we have also been creator to create our own reality. As mentioned already, we are far from being able to control everything on our way – but we can choose what to do from now on. We can choose how we want to handle it the best way possible. We can choose to run, we can choose to stay and confront, we can choose to ask for help and choose not to. And we are only able to chose from where we are right now. We cannot choose from something we are not, haven’t been taught yet or from what we do not know, yet. We can only choose from the now. It may be that if you look back at some decisions and choices made that you may wanted to have chosen differently. Have in mind you are looking back from another perspective – in another light that you possibly didn’t have back then. But maybe because of those choices you made is part taking of you having even more access to the wisdom you have now. Because of your decision making in the past, it might actually have taught you a lot more than you may give it credit for. You may remember the challenging part more that what it has given you – but maybe from where you are today you are able to find the lessons learned from your past.

Maybe the grief opened for even more unconditional love, humility and compassion. Maybe the powerlessness opened for that the more authentic you could take a step forward. Maybe the anxiety in truth showed you the way to find the inner calmness again. You may not be at a place in your life where you feel you experience this – yet – but you are encouraged to turn focus on what is going on inside of you and feel where you are right now. What do you need? And ask for help to embrace the difficult emotions if necessary. It is possible to make more room for joy, laughter, for you to unfold, love, compassion, kindness, light and you. And also take into consideration what you in truth also sent out, dear soul. Because you do also contribute a lot of goodness in the world and awaken other souls’ emotions where you go – your energy is meaningful to others as well. And it is not only difficult emotions that are triggered – we show one another the opposite poles. And also we are reminded and remind others of what they do what more in life.

Allow yourself to receive; the joy, the good and a hand being reached out, to say yes to the support and compassion and love. To let love in where we can be most vulnerable but also incredible strong – exactly because the unconditional love is allowed to get its place.

Love from The Universe


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