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  • By Hee-Jung

The energies have been extremely confronting over the past year and maybe even longer if you look at the bigger picture. As if there energetically has been a build up to all of this – to this exact moment. There has been a collective world energy of fear, anxiety, the unknowingness, frustrations, anger, grief, compassion, love, hope, relief, joy, laughter, change, transformation, confrontation – a lot of emotions have dominated all over. And not only the collective energies but also the individual have been confronted with some of the biggest personal fears and anxieties.

We have been faced with situations, experiences and circumstances that have forced us to stop and reflect – and to make choices and found ourselves in situations that may have felt as if we had no say or power. But we did – we did make some hard decisions - we did look in the mirror and asked ourselves what to do next and we did confront our biggest fears – and here we are.

Maybe you still find yourself in a situation or emotional state that is somekind of an extension from a long time ago - but the energies and the Universe encourage you to keep going – to see a bigger perspective of what you have been taught over the past decade. To see yourself from the outside – and what themes have kept being shown to you – it gives a good self-insight to how much you have overcome, evolved and what the Universe is encouraging you to work with at the time.

Have you been confronted with a deep grief – maybe upfront from losing someone you loved to physical passing – or maybe a more metaphorical death that you are grieving. It can be the realization of something you had to let go of – maybe a relationship, a part of yourself, a dream you thought was for the better but now had to let go in order to create an even better life. It can be a deep grief for us humans to let go even when we deep down know it is for our own highest good.

Change can be painful – but staying may not be an option for you anymore. It may be more painful to stay where you are if you are not happy and if you and it is holding you back. Maybe it does not seem that way right now and you may even feel powerless on what to do. Staying in pain and trauma from the past does not have to define you anylonger – it may have an influence on whom you are and what you have become, but if the past is only pain and you refuse to deal with these wounds, you may experience you will only suffer even more from it – than confronting the pain.

Sometimes we don’t even realise this before we are awakened upfront. It is not as if we humans do it on purpose close our eyes to everything – we may tend to shut down parts of ourselves because it is a defence mechanism we have – in order to protect ourselves from very painful experiences – so a part of us gets so overly protected we close some of those parts of us that also is shining bright and are our forces and strengths – and also close our hearts to let love in. Maybe it is time to let go on the human pain and suffering from the past?

Letting go – also means love.

Love to the ones who had to go – love to ourselves for no longer wanting to carry lower energies and situations, experiences, relationships, friendships, a job, a feeling – love to ourselves to not holding ourselves back anymore. Love to ourselves to become more authentic and shine our light in the world so that we can bring out our highest calling and potential.

Maybe it is time to start seeing yourself as you want others to embrace you. Maybe it is time to look within and start treating yourself as you wish others would, instead of being in a waiting position for others to change their feeling about you. As you want the world to see you, understand and embrace you. Start to love yourself and respect yourself enough so that you can make good choices for you and choose to start taking responsibility for how you feel and act on it if necessary. Start embracing you as you – and start choosing you. When choosing you – you also choose others.

Love to choose and create the life you want. To not let the past, define your potentials, your life and our future. Not to ignore what has already happened or our past – but to make an active choice to not let it decide how you feel anymore and to paralyze you from moving forward. Not to let the past weigh you down anylonger. But to learn from what has been so that you can decide what to come.

To take back your personal energy and power and start to make decision that you want.


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