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  • By Hee-Jung

At times when you want to run the most in a vulnerable situation and facing challenging emotions – sometimes it could be that it is then, you are closer to your own growing potential more than ever. Often the things we are most afraid of, may also be the things that is showing the biggest potential and strength in the situation.

Listen to the why and be truly honest with yourself why you want to run; is it because of being in a situation or some emotions that puts you in a very vulnerable position – do you run out of fear of the unknown, or do you find yourself in a situation where you want and have to leave a because it is truly what is the healthiest for you and everyone involved. There is much power in being completely honest with yourself and can at times also be easier said than done. It may at times lead to inner conflict because deep down we know what we want and our needs, but not always feel we can act upon.

You can only act in accordance to your own truth. Be compassionate that your co-existences experience the same situation as you, differently from your truth – theirs. We are triggered and trigger others depending on whom we are, what we are here to learn, karma and where we are in our lives and ready for - to embrace in the moment to grow and heal.

As humans we have the whole spectrum of emotions and nuances and there are so many layers, depths and facets of them all – also to those we may not fully know or have access to, yet.

We only can live from our own reality and how we percept and see things.

We can absolutely grow, be taught new talents, let go of old patterns and learn how to change how we feel and see things in accordance with our higher self and authentic self.

We can embrace our being by looking within, with compassion to ourselves and others and willingly grow, learn, be inspired – inspire, show kindness – and try to be the best version of ourselves. It is only us, as individuals who knows the truth in the moment concerning ourselves. You are encouraged to show compassion when you see others in a short moment of their lives, try to be kind and non-judging – we don’t know the whole story, we don’t know their path or what they’ve been through. It is not said in a way to take everything on from other people or in a situation - nor to forget to stand up for yourself and your beliefs. It is only a kindly reminder that when others, including ourselves - when expressing, that often when you trigger another person on your way - their reaction is more about their story and pattern than it is about yours, just as it is yours in how you act and react as well, when being triggered.

It is often when we not always understand or can relate to how another person may feel about something or someone - it can be extremely powerful to be capable of showing true compassion in a situation like this. Furthermore, also be the one who are shown this kindness and compassion when times are difficult, and at times where we are the ones who needs a little extra understanding and support - and you are the one to receive.

Be gentle with yourself, keep exploring and grow, be curious in life, stay filled with playfulness and keep reaching for the stars - there are more than enough to everyone to shine their light.

Channeled From The Spiritual Realm


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