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  • By Hee-Jung

When you begin to look deeper in your emotional layers to get to know yourself better – get to know what emotions you hold and which layers you need to receive healing upon – that when you begin to consciously work with your personal development in a new and deeper level, often we also start to see the world and surroundings from other perspectives and view.

Maybe we begin start questioning emotions, themes, relatives and relationships that we’ve had for years, but not stopped to reflect if it still resonates with whom we are in the now. We may experience the same emotions and triggers keeps repeating themselves over and over. To explore one’s origin, roots, history and where you come from – one’s layers – is an emotional but amazing depth.

When beginning to evolve and become more aware in areas you we are ready for, automatically it will also change our outer world and existing, old and future relationships as we start to change inner feeling and world.

Relationships is a beneficial way to work with ourselves, because we are often triggered where we need to look and be reminded. It could be that we would benefit from becoming better to set boundaries – both to say no but also yes to things – to see ourselves with angel eyes instead of focusing on self-criticism – that we are encouraged to use our potentials and unlock those that are still a bit blocked and work with those emotions and themes needed to make more room for your authentic being. And maybe we just need to be lovingly reminded to take back our energy and dare to see our own shadow selves instead of focusing on everyone else.

Others can show what triggers us, moves us, awakens us, motivates us, what we dream of, have to let go of and release – what we need to embrace right now. But it is only us that each and individual can walk our path in life and make the decisions for us. The moment we start bringing back our energy, step up and take responsibility for how we feel, our decisions and life – when we start bringing ourselves home – we also start taking back our personal power.

There are many ways – and it will always be individual what we need and how to heal. It will always be a personal choice and what feels right for you. Our current relationships can help us become aware of where we are right now in life and where could benefit us from going a bit deeper – to give us a kind of contemporary view of one’s reality.

When we start exploring deeper in our layers, very often we can come to experience that we have to go back on our own timeline, back to childhood and past experiences and emotions and also past lives can come up for us to work with, where the feeling, trauma and experience has taken its roots. You are being shown to give you the opportunity to work in this depth, this layer, what lies to become aware, but also to take the steps to break free from old chains, patterns and the heavy blocks – and let the healing take its place in a more conscious level.

To go back to where the feeling and experience has been shaped - it can have been through many lives, past lives, one’s lineage and been taken to this life. A combination of inner child work, healing and liberation of past incarnations including working with relationships to heal one’s lineage – can be an incredibly giving and insightful way to work with ourselves. And you also change the future for your next generations by breaking through old patterns and chains and healing your bloodline – healing to both you relatives in the past and in future.

There is so much insight and inner wisdom to receive, embrace your life journey and be in the present so you get to experience your own life and not only focusing on the goal itself. It is indeed about the journey.


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