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During a crystal healing session will connect your inner self and the specific crystals identified that would be most beneficial for you. These crystals will merge their energies with the healing process and form an intuitive crystal layout, enabling them to provide optimal support during the session. The combination of energies, guides and crystals will work together harmoniously to enhance your overall healing.


In connection with the healing spiritual guidance will be channeled. It will be healing messages from the spiritual world that want to support you and help you receive the insight and opportunity to work with these themes in your personal growth.

By harnessing the properties and inner wisdom from the crystals, coupled with potent healing energies, the spiritual realm aims to encourage you to heed your inner truth and follow your heart.

The purpose of spiritual messages is to provide guidance and support, ultimately, it is your decision to follow your own path and make choices that resonate with you, regardless of any other influence. It is your responsibility to shape the life you desire, and you always possess the freedom to choose which direction to take.

*A healing can never be instead of a medical treatment or a visit at your doctor if you feel something is not right. Always be examined by a doctor if you need it.

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