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In this particular session, the focus will be on healing your inner child in conjunction with the use of crystals.  The healing energies that arise will be tailored to your current relationship and connection with your inner child. It is possible that there are profound emotional wounds from the past that require love, care, and attention in order to heal. Additionally, there may be subtle nuances and underlying themes that need to surface in order for you to gain a deeper understanding of them.

At times, we may encounter situations where delving into our inner selves becomes necessary in order to reach the core of the issue. The Universe possesses precise awareness of our connection with our inner child, and during your session, you will be provided with the essential healing energies and spiritual knowledge that are required at that moment.

Following end session, yof your session, you will receive personalized written guidance from the spiritual realm. The content of this guidance will be tailored to the length of your selected session.

*A healing should never be instead of medical treatment or any kind of professional help - if you feel something is not right. Always be examined by a doctor and reach out for the needed help and support.

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